The list of banks Line supports is always growing depending on our third-party providers who connect them with us.

Heads up! We don't support investment, prepaid, or savings accounts.

To check whether your bank is on the list or not, you can go to the Line app and search for your bank account.

We are unfortunately unable to provide membership to new members looking to create an account using the following banks at this time, due to issues with maintaining connectivity:

  1. American Express Serve

  2. Bluebird by American Express

  3. Cash App

  4. Capital One

  5. Dave

  6. Empower

  7. Netspend

  8. PayPal

  9. PNC

  10. SECU

  11. Simple

  12. Varo Money

Being able to maintain a secure connection at all times allows our members to fully benefit from the use of their membership. Please try using a different bank that can be secured and verified.

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