Bank vs. Data Provider:

Your bank may have lost connection to our data provider.

If you have made few attempts without establishing a connection, please reach out to us for assistance.

Incorrect Username/Password:

If you have not changed your username/password.

please try reconnecting at least two times. If you are still having trouble, reach out.

MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication):

Banks have your best interest to keep your account safe. Over time you may add extra security to prevent unauthorized access.

If you have turned on a security question option or a security code option — in addition to your regular login username and password credentials — this will cause a problem establishing a connection.

Please turn off MFA (multi-factor authentication) and security questions on your bank account to fix this issue. If you have extra security on your account, we are not able to receive real-time updates or maintain a secure connection.

We are constantly looking to reduce issues around bank connectivity. Everyday we are working to improve your experience with us. Please reach out regarding any issues or feedback at [email protected]

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