Earn by referring friends, family, followers, and colleagues.

If you refer your friends, family, followers, or colleagues you can earn rewards up to $20 per user who uses your code and subscribes.

Here is how this works -

  1. You get USD 1 for each person who uses your referral code while signing up and activates a line subscription.
  2. For each month, the user has an active subscription, you get USD 0.25 as long as that individual maintains an active subscription.
  3. Note: These funds will become available to you only after you have activated your line subscription and as long as you maintain an active subscription only.

Here's an example - If you have 10000 friends and followers and let's say 1000 of them use your referral code to sign up and activate the subscription, you can earn -

Sign Up Bonus (1000 x USD 1) = USD 1000.00

Monthy Bonus (1000 x USD 0.25) = USD 250.00

Total in 1 year = USD 1250.00

Hope this helps. Reach out to support@useline.com if you have more questions or if you are an influencer who wants to discuss influencer deals.

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