Just like other financial services, it's important to have at least one bank account linked with Line at all times. You can fund your lucky tickets and also track your budgets and transactions with your bank account.

A. Non-subscribed users

If you've not yet subscribed for a Line and you have linked only one account, then you can only remove it after adding another bank account. This way you will not face any service interruption.

Login to the line app-settings-bank accounts-Tap on unlink symbol next to the bank name and select the reason to unlink it.

B. Subscribed users

If you've already qualified for a Line and have subscribed, you can not remove the account you had used for your Line qualification.

However, if this account is no longer in use or you wish to pay your dues from a different account/card, you can do easily do that. You can log in to the app and clear your remaining dues.

PS: If the account you used to qualify for a Line is no longer in use, you've to pay off your dues and get qualified again with a new account. There might be chances that your qualified amount changes or you might not get qualified.

If you've any questions, please reach out to [email protected]

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