What is a Form W-2C?

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Form W-2C (Corrected Wage and Tax Statement) is issued as a corrected version of your original W-2 form due to an error on your original W-2 form. The Form W-2C will be used when filing to show the corrections for accuracy.


What do I do with the W-2C?

Upon receiving your Form W-2C from your employer, the IRS recommends that you take one of two routes:

  • If you already imported or entered your W-2 into your tax filing, but you have not yet filed, reopen your tax filing and make the needed corrections.

    • If filing with Beem :

      • Edit the fields from your W-2 with the corrected info from your Form W-2C.

      • Check that both your original W-2 as well as your new Form W-2C have been uploaded.

After making all necessary corrections, you can continue to submit your filing for processing.

  • If you already mailed your return, or it was accepted, you may need to amend your tax filing. You will not be able to file an amendment until after receiving notice your original filing was processed by the IRS. Amending your tax return allows you to add forms or make the corrections needed.

Note: at this time, Beem does not support submitting return amendments. However, you can follow the information in the stated link for how to submit directly to the IRS.


What if my employer refuses to give me a Form W-2C?

A Form W-2 complaint can be initiated with the IRS if you do not receive Form W-2C from your employer by the end of February despite several attempts to obtain a copy. You can contact your local IRS representative or the IRS office by following this link.


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