Where is my amended return?

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Did you file an amendment of tax return, and you still have not received your refund? 

The IRS has stated that it can take 20 weeks or more for processing of your amendment due to the volume of filers.


Note: Beem is not currently supporting filing of amended returns. For coverage details and other important legal information about Filer, you can read more here


According to the IRS, here is what you can do if you still have not received notification on your amendment (paper filing or electronic):

  • Check the "Where is My Amended Return?" IRS link. As the processing of Amendments can take 20 weeks or more, the IRS has established a tool to check the status of your own. It can take up to 3 weeks after submission for your amendment to show in the IRS database. The IRS requires entry of your social security number, date of birth, and zip code when using this tool. 

  • Contact an IRS Agent directly. If you are unable to use the tool to find your amendment status, you can contact the IRS directly via the telephone to get an update.

  • Be patient and continue to check on your filing. Yes, we understand that "Be patient and continue to check on your filing" is the last thing anyone wants to hear. We want you to receive your hard-earned money in a reasonable time also! The IRS wants to get you your refund and process your tax filing as soon as they receive it. Unfortunately, some filings do take more time and with the sheer volume of amendments and returns to be processed, it takes a bit more time to complete each one. 

It has been longer than 20 weeks since submitting my amendment. What are some reasons it is taking so long?

  • The submitted return has errors that need modifying.

  • The filing is either incomplete or is not signed.

  • The IRS needs more information from the filer.

  • Victim of identity theft or fraud

  • Submitted with Injured Spouse Allocation (Form 8379)

You can check out this link (paragraph "Amended Return Status") for more information. 


As there are many reasons a filing may be delayed, please refer to the IRS website for further explanation.


Why does my return status say "Received" or "Adjusted"?

The IRS changes the status of your amended return as received or adjusted to let you know that they are working on it. Received status means your filing is being processed. Whereas an adjusted status simply means something in your filing required a calculation adjustment which resulted in either a refund, balance due, or no tax change.


Why did I receive more than my expected refund amount?

Did you receive more than expected on your tax refund? There are two main reasons this may happen. 

  • Your refund was adjusted by the IRS

  • Due to interest given to you because of a late refund.

The IRS will provide a letter explaining the changes. Keep an eye on your mailbox for the letter!


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